Corona Treater
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AG Single bag to bag SHEET TREATMENT system to treat the non continues sheet/bags/woven sacks for FLEXO-OFFSET-SCREEN-LAMINATION-COATING manual machines. Materials like, self locking bag, Metalised laminated cardboard, pvc, polyester sheet, hm/ld/ sheet, woven sack bags (laminated / unlaminated, reverse bags, paper, conductive / nonconductive dupblex etc.

CORONA TREATMENT increase the Surface bonding strength by creating Polar molecule on the surface. As a result excellent bonding of inks takes place. On untreated Plastic and paper, inks adhere on the surface by means of mechanical friction & are easily released by rubbing or adhesive Tape test. It needs the Surface tension to the surface more than (10dynes/cm) the surface tension of the printing inks/adhesives, etc... for bonding, coating, printing etc..

2 KW Power Supply corona generator

Technical Specifications
* Treat width capacity : 4" to 48 webs, Treater roll : 2"/3"
* Idler roll : 2" / 3" diameter
* Maximum line speed : 6 to 60 meter per minute.
* Treat capability : One side
* Mains supply : 230 V/440 V, AC ± 5 %, 1 Ø.
* Mains frequency : 50 Hz ± 5 %
* Output frequency : 15 to 25 Khz.
* App. output power : 1/15/2 Kw.

Sheet Treaters

* Zero speed switch. Zero speed cut-off system, whenever silicon roller / motor speed comes down machine will automatically shut down, hence prevents the damage of 
silicon roller and increase the life of machine.
* DC with motor with panel for Speed variation.
* Audio-Visual alarm system
* Ultra High Frequency
* Compact design for comfortable to installation / operate / Quality * Soft Start.
* Maximum Operator safety.
* Treatment Roll with Silicon Sleeves.
* High voltage side insulator on station for high voltage cable entry to avoid 
   short circuit problem.
* Digital indication of corona current.
* Force cooled converter for longer life.
* Fully enclosed treater station. 

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