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Corona Treaters

We are very glad to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of IGBT based CORONA TREATER, STATIC ELIMINATOR (hot/shockles/AC/DC) & STATIC CHARGER for PLASTIC - PAPER Industries, Since 1992, as following applications.

CORONA TREATMENT increase the Surface bonding strength by creating Polar molecule on the surface. As a excellent bonding of inks takes place. On untreated Plastic and paper, inks adhere on the surface by means of mechanical friction & are easily released by rubbing or adhesive Tape test. It needs the Surface tension of the surface more than (10dynes/cm) the surface tension of the printing inks/adhesives, etc.... for bonding, coating, printing, etc...

AG. Electronics International approved high frequency IGBT designed Roll to Roll CORONA TREATMENT systems comfortable for WOVEN SACKS FLEXO PRINTING M/C's, MONO/ MULTILAYER (LD, PP, HM, PVC, Pepsi inline rot printing, zip locking, shrinking film plant) EXTRUDERS (blown film/cast film, sheet extrusions etc..)

AG. corona Treatment Systems Excellent for COATING plants, lamination plants (LD/LLDP/PP/COATING on paper, pvc, polyester, leak proof tarpaulin, wide width liners, fertilizers bags, woven sacks, adhesive tapes, polyester (offset master plate, photographic), paper on Ldpe pp on pp, polystyrene, pp, pvdc (pharma coat), aseptic packaging materials etc....)

AG. Single bag to bag, SHEET TREATMENT system to treat the non continues sheet / bags for FLEXO-OFFSET-SCREEN-LAMINATION-COATING manual machines. Materials like, self locking bag, Metalized laminated cardboard, pvc, polyester sheet, hm/ld/sheet, woven sack bags (laminated / unlaminated, reverse bags, paper, conductive / nonconductive duplex etc..)

AG. STATIC ELIMINATOR for cutting-sealing machines, slitting machines, bopp folding machines. Flexo-roto printing machines, uv curing machines, Extruders(pvc, hm etc..), pouch making machines, online print on Pepsi tube plants, circular static for form fill m/c special grade master batches mfrs to prevent jamming at hoper and 360* degree Static Elimination needed machines.

STATIC ELIMINATORS are very useful for PP, BOPP, PVC, POLYESTER, PU FOAM, HM, LD, processing machines and etc.. Air models (gun, knife, nozzle, blower, fan, cadet) are available. Static Eliminator, Eliminate static problems like dust, sticking, stacking, creasing, Jamming, wrinkles, overlapping, shock on material etc.

AG. STATIC CHARGER for in mould foil charger (polyester/bop/pp) for case roll/water pot, household, thermo ware mould articles, sticker, velvet flocking (jewel box, gift articles, bindi, Textile velvet clothing, sun control film. Etc.). Static Charger gives Electrical Charges on the any surface, that may comfortable to stick anywhere.

AG. IGBT INDUCTION CAP SEALING system used to wads sealing for packaging industries, wax on aluminum foil sealing on pet bottles packaging, food packaging etc.. It is working on high frequency eddy current method, its heat up the aluminum foil, the temperature melts the sealing film and adheres to the lip of the containers.

If you need further information of any of above products, please! feel free to contact us, or you can down load and see the details with of our machines at our website as below.. we assure you that AG. products will be best alternative to meet your needs in a better way.

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