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AG Treaters is implementing an organizational style and culture, which is designed to HSE challenges on global front. We at AIL, are committed to protecting environment and providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Our commitment to ensure the health and safety of our clients, contractors and the community at large is well appreciated in the Industry. The following commitments serve as the foundation for HSE management and effective implementation of the Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS);

~~~All injuries, illnesses and incidents are preventable.

~~~HSE issues are given a priority in AIL operations and business planning.

~~~All employees and contractors are responsible for HSE performance.

~~~Effective and open HSE communication is important.

~~~Excellence in HSE can only be achieved by team effort.

~~~Employees and contractors must receive HSE training and updates as necessary.

~~~No one will be permitted to work in unsafe conditions.

~~~Working safely is a condition of employment.

~~~HSE audits and action tracking are mandatory.

~~~Protecting people and the environment is good business.

These above commitments serve as guiding principles or core values for the HSE System elements during HSEMS development and implementation. The HSEMS is structured as illustrated below:

AG Treaters

Managing Director is personally committed to achieve HSE mission. Every member of AG Treaters and Systems is committed towards the aim of HSE MS. These are reinforced by proactive methods such as

*Employee Based Safety (EBS) program, Safety Training Observation Program (STOP)

*Required Pre-task Planning: JSA, STA (Safety Task Analysis), AHA(Activity Hazard Analysis), Tool-Box Talks (TBT)

*Root Cause, no-fault investigations

*Rewards, recognition, incentive program

HSE Policy Statement:

AG Treaters and Systems will conduct our business in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, our contractors, client personnel, visitors and the general public as well as protection of the environment.

Our goal is to provide a work environment that is free of injury, illness and incident, which complies with regulatory requirements and conforms to recognized industry standards and practices.

In support of our goal and core values, Dencil Pumps and Systems Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance standards have been established.

HSE Mission Statement:

The mission of the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) department is to enable the Dencil Pumps and Systems to achieve and maintain excellence in matters related to Health, Safety, and Environment by:

Providing AG Treaters management and staff with the support and training necessary to:

*Ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

*Minimize adverse impact to the general public.

*Minimize adverse impact to the environment.

*Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, standards, and regulations governing ealth, Safety, and Environment.

*Providing leadership to develop and implement programs that improve HSE performance.

*Anticipating future HSE risks and requirements that may affect Dencil Pumps and Systems .